Sunday, April 17, 2011

Because A Year Brings Miracles (Part III)

Scott and Susan were another family on our travel group and another family who has been grown by the miracle of adoption, from the US, Russia and now Ethiopia (Did I miss any Susan? :))

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Entering into orphanage…


On waiting child list…

Meeting their forever family…

The craziest part of this story is, Scott and Susan heard about their older sister. Lete, 16 years old, still in ET with no parents and God laid it on their hearts that she should be there daughter as well!

They just brought her home (yes, 3 adoptions in one year) and the best part of it all is the following conversation had by Susan and Levi:

We were driving back home today from the store. It was warm, quiet and both Ethan and Levi were quietly looking out the car window.
Levi said," I like myself like dis."
Me " What do mean? "
Levi " I really do believe now dat I can talk to God."
Me." Huh."
Levi " I didn't believe it in Etiopia. I was like 4 or something. Now I believe it."
Me " What do you mean Levi? Tell me more."
Levi, " Every night I say prayer, quietly, in Tigrinya. I say for my sister to come to America. I pray like you say. "
" Now she come to America and I believe God hear me when I talk Tigrinya or English. ."
" My life is good now,..... I believe God hear me."....." I hear him too. "
Levi...." mom why you cry?"
Me " I am proud, happy."
Levi " I do not understand girls cry when day happy."

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Todd ~ Teresa said...

That is so sweet! What a blessed family!

Anonymous said...

Oh touching. Of course I'm crying! Even Levi knows that girls cry when they are happy!

Holli said...

tears! amazing! God is so GOOD!