Friday, May 20, 2011

A Day With Some of My Favorite Ladies…

At one of my favorite places, in the most glorious weather. It was wonderful.

Yes, The Littles, my Grandma, Aunt Kris and I headed to the zoo!  First time this year and The Littles loved it! They could actually spot the animals so it looks like this year, The Littles and I have a mutual love.

5-20 007

They started out a little uncertain…

5-20 015

but then couldn’t get close enough.  They thought everything was pettable. Including roving geese.

5-20 022 5-20 036

Little J wanted to sit and then stand on the drum, but she really just wanted to be with Aunt Kris.  If Aunt Kris sat, so did Little J.

5-20 032 5-20 021

While Little A only wanted to do her latest camera face.  Seriously, she sees the camera and gets her scowl on.  Funny child.

5-20 042 

Little J dominated the pegs at Cracker Barrel.  I was shocked that she had the coordination to do it, but as you can tell, she was delighted.  She is going to be a mechanic someday, always figuring out how things work.

5-20 052 5-20 053

Mimi and Little A, after dinner.

It’s official zoo season has begun!


Kristi said...

Uber cute, Ladies! So thankful you had such great weather for your first Zoo outing this season!

Wee said...

Call me someday and the girls and I will join you!

Anonymous said...

I need to take my girls to the zoo again. Hmmm...which zoo in Chicago should I choose? We love the small little zoo in Michigan City.

When will we see the Littles in their bike seats? Or maybe there's a problem with them. Let me know if there is.

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