Thursday, May 19, 2011


18 month-olds are a riot. 

The Littles are constantly cracking me up.  Like the other day when Little J brought a diaper to me and said "Little A".  I went over to Little A and sure enough, she had a dirty diaper.

They have mastered many new words and can communicate about anything they want.

Bathtime is a passion of theirs.  When we ask who should get out first, they point to each other and demand that sister get out first.

They are also quite into "cheese".  This picture doesn't do justice of the cheesy smiles they have (well, at least it does Jon's justice).  :)
We have also not been able to learn to keep dirt out of our mouths.  Little A did not want me to take this picture.
The Littles also are obsessed with Mickey.  I am serious, obsessed.  And, big shocker, Disney has done an incredible job of advertising and so we spot this silly, little mouse, everywhere.  On diapers, vitamins, stickers, yogurt containers, etc, etc.  We almost can't go out in public because of their incessant chanting and pointing, "Mick, Mick, Mick!".

Their ritual is to bring us this Mickey book and plop down wherever they are to listen.  Adorable, yes, the first million times.  A parent can only sing the "Hot Dog Dance" so many times without going crazy. 
Oh sweeties, just stop your growing.  :) We could freeze this stage for awhile.  (At least most parts of it).


Heidi said...

Jonas is the same about Elmo and all the sesame street characters.. obsessed. Really I think the littles are hinting to you they want to go to Disney and come see us:)

bethany said...

this is just so cute!!! I love watching your girls grow and go through different stages of life!!

T and M said...

jon's cheesy smile cracked me up ( : Trent & I find ourselves wishing for a "life" pause button often too.

esss said...

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