Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lots of Festivities

We had a great Memorial Day in Milford with family.  The day started off with a parade where The Littles spent the time alternately running into the streets/in someone’s arms with a mouth full of candy. :)

5-31 116

5-31 090

 5-31 113

We saw their friend, Adilynn.  These three are funny together, really excited to see each other but are all really busy.

I had a vision for getting all three of them in a picture together. 

5-31 128

Yeah right.  Best shot. 

Then we went back to Grandpa and Grandma’s, which translates in toddler as “dreamland”, full of fun places to explore, ponies, golf carts and loads of food and attention.

5-31 186 5-31 191

5-31 195 5-31 183

5-31 164 5-31 156

5-31 151

5-31 174

5-31 171 

One of my favorite childhood memories is riding with Grandpa in the pony cart and I am glad that The Littles and Jon now all had a chance to experience it!

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Kristi said...

SO funny that Adilynn is the one who looks calm, cool, collected, and still in the wagon picture. Surely its a first.

esss said...

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