Monday, May 23, 2011

Feel The Wind On Your Skin

We were with family in Michigan this past weekend and had such a great time.  I have great shots from Sunday afternoon to post, but am going to break it up so I am guaranteed blog material this week.  :)

My babies are taken by the wind.  When that warm breeze blows across their skin, they stop everything, squeal with delight and just experience the wind.

Here is Little A’s euphoria with the breeze…

5-24 148 5-24 150

And Little J falls back into it and then lifts her arms.

5-24 220  5-24 222

5-24 221

Here’s to hoping for a week, defying the forecast, full of sunshine and warm breezes!

One final note: There is a GIVEAWAY coming this week!  Stay Tuned, you are gonna love it.

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kyleandtrish said...

ohh my these pictures made me laugh so hard!