Friday, May 27, 2011

Too Much Cuteness To Keep To Myself…


I have heard that many of you are having a hard time commenting. I am not techie enough to know how to fix this, I would just say keep trying! I guess it is a blogger problem right now.  I am keeping track of people who have contacted me and desire to be involved and just couldn’t comment. We are dangerously close to two prizes!

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Onto our regularly scheduled post…

I have yet to finish pictures from visiting Jon’s parents and just because I couldn’t keep this much cuteness to myself!

5-24 095 

Making everything a telephone

5-24 113  5-24 124

5-24 139

5-24 1525-24 159

5-24 172

sword fighting with Grandpa

5-24 178 5-24 179

5-24 193


smw said...

i LOVE their dresses! where did you get them?

Faulk Adoption said...

You have the cutest little girls!! I love how you guys are such fun parents and let your little ones explore! God is good!

esss said...

Both are cute..
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