Monday, May 16, 2011

Flirting With Danger

Summit was incredible. I am still processing so I don’t have much to say…yet.

On to the post…:)

If you have no idea why this toy is supposed to be the dangerous, click here.

3-30 098

Yes, that is right.  A few weeks after the hairy, scary doggy was on the toilet seat, The Littles overcame their fears, I found Little J engaged in play.

4-28 005

I went into the bathroom to see if there had been any damage done. 


Hehehehe…The Littles must think mama always wants a toy on the toilet seat and replaced the dog. 

I can pass along the dog if anyone with a toddler wants to give it a shot. ;)


Sarah said...


Todd ~ Teresa said...


Daveana said...

Cute, Cute, Double Cute!

Sandra said...

this is so cute!! Maybe its a good thing they started liking the dog, cause sooner than later you are going to have to encourage your kidos to use that potty:)...This is where I am at now and its no fun...always a struggle until you can at least get them to go on the potty once so you know they know how to do it!!
Love the post!

Kristi said...

I think Little J might have gone a little past the flirting stage... :) They seemed to have formed a happy relationship.