Monday, June 13, 2011

Extreme Sliding

While waiting for Jon to put the new bikes seats on (huge thanks to Sofia and Maya's family for blessing us with them), we put on The Littles' new helmets or "Dora hats" as they refer to them.

The assembly took a bit longer than expected but The Littles wanted to keep the helmets on!

We laughed as it looked like we were being a bit overprotective just to slide. :)

Daddy did make things a bit more risky but moving the slide to a hill. (Seen in video clip).

We did finally end up on the bikes for our maiden voyage.

The Littles love it although I still feel really wobbly!

Happy Monday,


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh!!! They are SO cute! And getting so big.

heysoos said...

such a fun stage! i love how in the last picture, there are three Little-shoes missing and the last one is barely hanging on! I hope to see you guys this summer when i come out!

Kim said...

They are just too cute!!!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

How fun. Summer has endless activities for little ones.

T and M said...

ok, so i've never seen bike seats like this...are the littles' seats in front of yours? i guess they can see out better that way...