Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Three Littles In The Tub

Much to our delight, Brandy, a former roommate turned first cousin of mine, and G, came to visit us while they were visiting other family in Indiana.

We missed Seth :( but were so glad to hang out!

G is a few months younger than my Littles and it was fun to watch the future roomies interact. :) 

5-26 177

At first my Littles weren’t sure what to make of another Little in the tub. 

5-26 196

Once they realized that they could stick letters on her and touch her hair, it was smooth sailing. :)

5-26 203

5-26 200

G was a great sport, therefore making her “queen of the bathtub”!

Thanks for making the effort B! It was so fun to add you to our crazy!

5-26 229

And crazy enough, I am going south of the border tomorrow. Yes, that is right, I am going to Mexico.  And because I have a rockstar husband and we have rockstar families, I am going by myself!

Good friends of ours get married in Magdalena and I have the honor of going!

I am uber-excited (and a little sad/apprehensive) but I know The Littles will have a party with Daddy.

You can offer a few prayers for Jon and The Littles.

Nos vemos!


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enjoy your solo trip to mx!

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