Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let Me Tell You A Love Story (Oh, It’s A Good One!)

There was once a girl named Steph

And a boy named Joel

Random 017

I know them both well as I worked with them when I lived at the House of Life and Hope in Magdalena, Mexico and I had the opportunity to room with Steph.

Although always changing, here is a picture of all the roomies at one point.


Steph and Joel irritated each other at first…

But as God grew them both…

DSCF4034 Mother's Day 067

They developed an appreciation for each other.

Fast forward a few years, Steph was deeply in love with the sibling group of four that had been entrusted to her for over three years…


and then felt the Lord moving in her heart to adopt them.  At first, she dismissed it because she wanted these kids to have a father.  God kept working and Steph rejoiced and moved forward with adopting these four.

As for Joel, well, he was just hanging around, having grown a DEEP appreciation for Steph and with a love in his heart for those four children as well. Conveniently enough for Joel, the kids loved to be with him.  ;)


Joel asked Steph to marry him. Steph said yes…eventually (another story for another time).  :) 


as an engaged couple, Joel and Steph moved forward with the adoption.


And then this weekend under the Mexican, desert sun…

Mexico Trip 031

These four stood in front of church, holding hands, watching their future Mama and Papa forever promise their lives to each other, in the presence of God.

Mexico Trip 055

And that is what I call a HAPPY ending beginning.

Mexico Trip 062


Jarrin.. Raquel.. Rach.. Rachil.. said...

loved the story am! :-] bien hecho! :-]

Aaron and Jill said...

That is an awesome story!

Peggy said...

WONDERFUL! Praise God for His unspeakable goodness and gifts!

Wells L said...

So special - so cute!!! LOVE that they drove off in a gator!!! Too cute!!!!! I hope they have a lifetime of happiness and love!

Todd ~ Teresa said...


Lisa said...

That made me cry! Thanks for sharing a good story!

Kristi said...

oh, geesh... I'm crying! What a great God we serve!

Jessica said...

So cool to finally hear that story! Thanks!

Jane said...

This story brings me to TEARS of joy and praise!!! I was not a roommate to Steph, but I did share a bed with her over the weekend of Jim Klotzle's wedding in Altadena, so I know what a sweet girl she is. I had not heard of Steph's engagement or marriage, so thanks for sharing on FB. This is a love story x 5, and God be glorified!!!

teresa said...

praising God! so thankful for this special couple and their 4 kidlets.