Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Casada

I haven’t finished with my Mexico pictures yet, but threw in a post of The Littles yesterday to appease you. :)

It was so wonderful to be with our Mexican side of the family. How we love them!

The girls I used to help take care of have all grow into young women now!


The rehearsal dinner was about the cutest thing, done very well by Raquel, in the beautiful, Cafe Sed. It was picnic themed, complete with games for the kids and fresh squeezed limonada in Mason jars.  Sigh. So cute.




Day of the wedding

Mexico Trip 034

Mexico Trip 040

Mexico Trip 043

Mexico Trip 050

What does the bride do immediately after leaving her reception?

Mexico Trip 069

Why, laundry of course.  :)  She is a mom of four.

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Jessica Gunn said...

I LOVE your blog! :) You have a beautiful way of writing and I check back frequently :) your little girls are absolutely precious! :) I'm new to this blogging world so please follow me! :) Be blessed!