Monday, June 27, 2011

Three Divas and A Finn

Whew!  We just returned from an extended weekend with family in Illinois.  The Littles got to finally spend time with their dear cousins and they thought they had woken up at Disneyland.  I am running on fumes now and can only imagine how tired our hosts, Tadd and Jill, must be, as we are not the easiest crew to accommodate. :)

I don’t trust the words I write to be cohesive, due to exhaustion, so I will use them sparingly and smother you with pictures! :)

Weekend in IL 282

Little A thought she was on top of the world on the playset.

Weekend in IL 284

Finn, probably the world’s happiest child.

Weekend in IL 306 Weekend in IL 313

Not gonna lie, I kind of want to gobble up The Littles in their ruffley bikinis.

Weekend in IL 318

All three girls tried to gain courage to run through the sprinkler

(Sort of where the title comes from, the girls were so funny, not wanting to touch fish, scared of the sprinkler, etc).

Weekend in IL 324

Weekend in IL 378 

The adorable Miss Selah

Weekend in IL 419 Weekend in IL 368

Weekend in IL 413

Weekend in IL 463

The girls got a long well…really, they did. Poor Selah wasn’t sure what to think, she was just being obedient and holding The Littles hands. :)

Weekend in IL 442

Trying to get a picture of all four kiddos was comical…

Weekend in IL 443

The youngest three thought it was a race.

Weekend in IL 440

Weekend in IL 423 

Weekend in IL 435 Weekend in IL 436

Weekend in IL 446

Comically, this is actually the best I have.  (Jill, hope you got a better one!)

Tadd, Jill and family, seriously, thank you for the great weekend!  So glad we could finally all hang out!

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