Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Got Your Tail

About 25% of our days, The Littles want to wear their leash backpacks.  Obviously it is a cool accessory.

We now haul around town in a sweet Radio Flyer (Well, The Littles ride, I pull) and we stop wherever it looks like fun.

Man Up 118 Man Up 149

Don’t they look so grown up? Sniff…

Man Up 131

Hugging the tree…

Man Up 134

Isn’t 19 months a little early for the forced camera smile?

Man Up 153

Much to Little A’s disgust, Little J discovered that she could keep a hold on sister.

Man Up 159


Man Up 162

Mama evened things up so Little A could drag sister along.

Man Up 166

Can we PLEASE just stop time?

Man Up 173

19 months is so amazing fun (and challenging but that would ruin the mood). :)

Man Up 183


David and Larisa said...

They are SO darling! I completely understand the compulsion to stop time...I feel the same way on many days.

Thanks again for the talk and all of the info this afternoon - much appreciated!

Mindy said...

Those two are just the cutest little things!!!!

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Looks like a fun active hike. Your town sure has a lot of neat places to explore.

Kelly said...

WOW...they are getting so big and are definitly starting to look like little young ladies :) I love your idea of hitting a pause button right now...Coleman is so incredibly fun right now and is just starting to walk, I can't imagine him being that bit yet and it's only 6 months away! Beautiful girls you guys....we'd love to have you out to the farm sometime this fall if you want an easy weekend getaway =) email me!