Wednesday, September 14, 2011

They’ll Do Birthday Parties

Looking for entertainment at your next big social event? Well, look no further, thanks to our garage sale gem!  Yes, a keyboard complete with microphone that amplifies.  It’s no end of VERY LOUD fun at our house. 


The Littles are convinced that the only way to use the microphone is to nearly swallow it.

Park 040 

They can even do street performances (after Mama couldn’t handle the noise in the house). Little A on keyboard, Little J on vocals. 

P.S. In unrelated but very exciting news, we went to BSF today and the girls had their first experience in the children’s department.  They cried for ten minutes, but then calmed down and had a par-tay! They hardly wanted to leave their teachers.  Praise the Lord with me for this growth!!!


smw said...

that is awesome and has to be at least somewhat comforting for future events when they will be without you. i was just praying for you the other day with this...

Joy said...

Love that keyboard, was thinking of getting it for Jayla for her bday. We had our first BSF on Tuesday morning. I'm actually a childrens leader so I'm there from 8:30-12:15. Long morning for Jayla. Good seeing you last Sunday:)

Q said...