Wednesday, September 28, 2011


(Alison, check out the last post, because you won!)

She’s been driving me crazy these past few days.  Little J has wanted independence in public settings, but as soon as I put her down, she cries and sits or insists I pick her up again.  This morning, we were rushing around to get to BSF and we had such a fiasco trying to put her shoes on. She screamed bloody murder and said, “tight.”  I yelled back at her, told her they weren’t tight and she needed to stop screaming. We were late to BSF so we could have some snuggle time and recoop but we were both feeling as gloomy as the weather.

After nap, Little J and I had some good cuddle time on the couch, just what we needed. I was tickling her and then noticed her patterned sock was really dirty. I went to pull it off and it stuck. Dried blood all over her foot. Gulp. Poor child, has a very nasty blister on her heel, deep, oozy and big.

Random September 018

Oh, I see…don’t know why I didn’t connect those dots earlier. So that explains the demand to be held, the screaming when I try to put on her shoe, the sitting down in a middle of a parking lot. I feel about an inch tall. I feel so bad but glad I learned an important lesson about taking the time to understand my kids. 


Sarah said...

That's a tough one!! Totally understandable....both of your reactions!

Isn't the ability to communicate a miracle?! It seems I am in awe of that daily :)

Ashley Baner said...

Oh my! God finds all kinds of ways to make us humble! My brother had a day like that when he was about 6 months old. Lots of screaming. Finally we were outside laying him on the trampoline and bouncing him to sleep and we took of his shoes and socks. His little toe was bent and stuck in his sock. He immediately stopped crying and fell asleep! I learned to immediately take off the shoes and socks first after that!!

smw said...

you gotta love days like that. :(

Jen said...

We have ALL had moments like that as parents. Don't be too hard on yourself. I remember taking my son to buy new shoes one time only to find he had grown like 3 sizes and was VERY uncomfortable in the shoes he was wearing! Live and learn. (:

Nichole said...

i've got a saying posted at home to keep reminding me of that very thing Amy!
Seek first to understand, then to be understood.


Wee said...

A great reminder....thanks for sharing. It's a challenge some days to stop in our tracks, quiet our own thoughts, etc., and focus on our children.