Friday, September 23, 2011

See You Later, Grandpa

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My Grandpa inhaled for the very last time, Friday morning, 2:45 am. I am thankful for my Grandpa as he is now in a place far too wonderful to imagine, heaven, a place full of God and free of evil. I hurt for my Grandma, her partner of 55 years has moved on without her.

When I think about my grandpa, I get this picture of him in my head. I think it started when I would come home from college and I would see him. Upon seeing me, he would get a smile on his face and clap his hands together once and then rub them together until we hugged.


My Grandparents have lived an example of serving those around them and I am so thankful to be a part of their legacy.

Now, there is a weekend of visitation and funeral…so final.  I don’t really like goodbyes. I prefer a good “See you later!”. So Grandpa, while I will miss you here, “See you later, at our Jesus’ feet”.


Heidi said...

I'm praying for you ..know your soul inside must be so sad, proud of you to look at it so positively.. So sorry for your loss!

kj said...

Amy, so sorry to hear this. Prayers for you and your family.

Karen D.

ljwenn said...


smw said...

so sorry for you guys. :( love and prayers.

Kristen said...

Ames, thanks for such a beautiful description of Grandpa. I am so thankful for heaven and being able to try to imagine him there. It brings some comfort to a sad day.

Love ya,

Nichole said...

Amy, so sorry for your loss. Those are beautiful words said about your Grandpa and so encouraging that you are saying Goodbye just for'll see him later. HUGS as you go through a tough weekend of saying "See you later"

Anonymous said...


This makes me smile and cry. Good thoughts....we are only parting for a time.

Love you!
Todd and Teresa

Justin & Sarah said...

I am sorry Amy. Hugs!

bri said...

Been thinking of you and your whole family and keeping you in our prayers. He was such an amazing man. I remember my dad talking a lot about Shorty when I was younger b/c he worked w/ him w/ world relief. I know there will be a huge gap in your family. My heart aches for your loss. We will miss seeing him from time to time in Milford! Praise God we can see him in Heaven someday!

David and Larisa said...

Hi Amy...we've been gone over the weekend, and I just saw this. You and your family are in our prayers. We had the pleasure of having dinner with your grandpa at Doug and Jill's home a few years ago - what a wonderful man he was! We are sad for you, but we are rejoicing for him!