Thursday, September 29, 2011

What’s Worse Than Not Winning?

There is a fair in our town this week and there is a fun little game called the “Mouse Game”.  Basically, the rules are simple, you put a quarter down on a number. There is a spinner in the center with numbered holes around the edge.  A mouse is released on the spinner and it runs into a hole.  If it runs into your number, you are a winner.

Q: What is worse than not winning at the mouse game?

A: Winning once when you have twin toddlers.

Fair 155

Yes, fiasco.  Little A picked a lucky number and a subsequent prize. Little J was desperate for her own pink Care Bear.  We tried a few more times and then told Little J it was the last quarter and asked her to pick a number.  She slapped a quarter down on #58 and confidently said, “that!”. The mouse came out of the box and ran to #7 but stopped short of the hole and ran about half way around the spinner and then stopped and looked like he was thinking.  Little J was clapping and saying “mouse” and that little thing ran right into #58!

Whew. Big sigh of relief. 

I know this was a great opportunity to teach them that life isn’t always fair, but that little mouse sure made my life easier! 

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Let’s hear it for the fair!


4 Blessings said...

That is too funny! Glad they both won :)

Wee said...


Q said...

We love the street fair! My dad ends up asking the guy ,running the game, how much it will cost him just to buy the stuffed animal. Sometimes it's easier and cheaper than trying to win 6 different times.