Monday, September 12, 2011

Never Miss A Chance To Play Peek-a-boo

The Littles teach me a lot.  Some lessons I’d rather not learn, like how quickly my patience wears thin or that I should always bring a change of clothes because a diaper blowout might be in the day’s forecast.

Other lessons are more refreshing;

Pokagon 021 Pokagon 016

 Pokagon 020 Pokagon 013

They have taught me that every day is fresh and full of opportunity for giggles and adventure.:)


Mindy said...

Oh, my - they're head wraps are ADORABLE!! Where did you get them? Do they actually keep them on all night? At what age did you start using them?

Jon y Amy said...

Mindy, the girls keep the wraps in...sort of. :) I bought them at Sally's and try to use them when they aren't going to be on satin pillowcases. They just wanted them on because they found them and for some reason, they are convinced they run faster with something on their head. :)

Mindy said...

I got a good laugh out of this!!! They are too funny!!

I got Alaysia a satin crib sheet for now - do you think that is good enough or should I also do the head wrap?