Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bring On The New?

The Littles aren’t so little anymore. 

And what do we do when we have more children? Do “The Littles” become “The Bigs”?

Should we change their super-sneaky code names for the blog?

Vote in the side bar with you opinion!

Or you could leave a comment with your ideas.

The new possible replacements?

Care Bear-Little J is my tender heart. When someone is sad, she is by their side, doing whatever she can to help. She cannot handle unrest in her relationship with someone.  If she has been disobedient and receives discipline or even thinks she has done something wrong, she cries until we prompt her to say “sorry” and hug it out.  It makes her feel so much better, even if she didn’t do anything wrong.  Usually about a minute after peace is made, she comes around to the person she feels she has offended and says, “Hi!” in a cheery tone.  Little J is just checking to make sure the person answers her back in a chipper tone and then she is sure they are really at peace. Her sensitive spirit also gives some interesting parenting challenges, but that is another post!  Hence the name “Care Bear”

Bubbles-Little A is my giggling, bubbly child.  She loves a good joke and we noticed very early on that she seemed to have an exceptional sense of humor.  Little A makes us laugh with her antics and is a eager student from many antics her uncles have taught her.  She is also great at drama.  She senses when the situation would be more appropriate to deliver her news in a dramatic whisper or when she is so happy all she can do is squeal in a loud and shrill tone.   Vote on the side bar!


Mindy said...

I don't like change but as you add to your family it seems that change is inevitable. One of my friends calls her Ethiopian beauty "Cocoa Puff" or "'Lil Miss". I find both endearing. :)

Anonymous said...


the only problem would be if you had more j's or a's. What to do, what to do???

Christen Leigh said...

I am torn....but I voted to keep them "the littles" least until new little ones enter your family. :)

Hope you had a good day!

Kristi said...

have you asked them? that might be fun. when a new little or littles come to your family, tell the girls that he/she/they are the littles now... "so what should we call you?"
I'd love to hear what they come up with!

Anonymous said...

Our little boys are still our little boys in my mind even though one is about 6'2" and taller than either of our big boys. What a dilemna!

Anonymous said...

Loved the post, so cute about their personalities. You may think they are getting bigger, but....they are still little. Remember I have a sophmore... he is a BIG boy. ha.
I never tired of reading the 'Little' could let them keep it until another child is added. Yet, the new nicknames are also so cute...hard decisions.:)
Totally love your blog... Keep it up!!
Heidi C.

Sandra said...

I vote for Leave them as the Littles!! When new children arrive in your household you may be surprised at what names fit them. And perhaps the name littles might not fit the new ones....but sure does fit your little girls to a T!!