Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Few Matters of Business AND Some Fun

Sold Winners

Though it’s a bit early, I have the results for the Sold giveaway. My mom threw in an extra copy, so we have two names! 

Mandy R.

Emily G.

Congrats ladies, I’ll get it to you and pass it on when you are finished.

And, The people have spoken!

Thanks for your votes and the verdict is in. We are keeping our nicknames for the girls.  These two are staying…

Watching Jeff 094

The Littles!!!

Our Time “Watching Uncle Jeff”

Welp, our time with Uncle Jeff is almost over.  It has been a blast and The Littles can’t wait for him to get home from school. Let’s just say when he arrives they have big plans for him.

Watching Jeff 021

Most of the plans consist of tea parties and they have figured out that he is a softie when it comes to giving snacks.  Take for instance yesterday when I found The Littles shoving double stuff Oreos into their mouth as fast as humanly possible. 

Watching Jeff 076

Actually, they have big plans for most friendly adults who walk through the door. I found three uncles in the loft with the girls, all actively involved in tea parties and rounds of tiger hunting.

Watching Jeff 023

My dear friend, Heather, made a long trip to help me pack up and organize the house we will put on the market and The Littles took her hostage, convinced that she was visiting just for their pleasure!

Watching Jeff 124

After a day of work, Uncle Jeff decided they just had to go sledding!

Watching Jeff 121

They LOVED it.

Watching Jeff 135

And proceeded to come into the house and drink their weight in hot chocolate.

Yes, it’s been a party.

As of tomorrow, we are officially living at my Grandma’s home.  She joins us next Tuesday!  :)

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emilykate said...

Yay! Thanks. Excited to read and pass this along to someone else. I'll be in Leo church Sunday if you wanted to bring it there?