Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Most FAQs

“Now, where are you?”

From a Housing Standpoint:

On Friday night, we spent our first night at my grandma’s house.  It has been going well, Grandma is still at a continuing care facility.  Last night we moved into my parents’ house to stay with my brother, Jeff, for a week.   Which is probably the easiest “babysitting” job we’ve ever had. :)  Jeff gets himself up at 5:30 to do the cattle chores, comes in, showers and goes off to school. When he gets home he does his homework, feeds the pets, does more chores, his Bible study and then of his own initiative, goes to bed at 9:30 so he is ready to do it all again the next day.

However, with all of this house swapping and living out of boxes and suitcases, I sort of feel like a GW alternate houseparent!  ;)

From A Missions Standpoint:

I have been reluctant to write this out as it is not a done deal and I will feel really embarrassed if something falls through…but, here it goes. Last night Jon and I turned in our applications to a large mission organization.  If we are accepted, we will go to on-site evaluation with them in May where we meet with staff, have questions answered and go through testing. I am the most worried about the psychological testing because my mind has felt pretty fuzzy lately…maybe I am losing it? ;) If we make it through all their test in May, they assign us a position and a training route and we then start our support raising journey. Mid-summer we would have another two-week training/orientation.

Where is Jon working?

Jon is working at my parents’ farm.  He LOVES it and his employers ;) view it as an opportunity to invest in our long-term goal of an ag related business in Ethiopia so they are giving him a variety of experiences, from machinery maintenance, cattle, hogs, driving truck and tractor to soil testing.

How are The Littles adjusting to all the change?

Praise God, they are doing remarkable.  They occasionally ask to go “home” and can seem a little bummed that we aren’t returning to our little, red house, but they recover quickly and are really enjoying it. Grandma’s house has so much room!  We spent our first 20 minutes yesterday just learning the layout of the house. We started in their room and then I would give them a question, “Can you find the kitchen?”  This would embark on an adventure of lots of giggles.  I finally told them it was time to eat breakfast and Little A said, “Mama, this is fun!” and she wanted to keep playing the “find it” game. :) They can still get turned around and then just yell, “MAMA” and head the direction of my voice. Last night when Jon got home, Little A yelled, “We’re down here, Daddy!”.

We are moving forward and God is abundantly faithful.


(Photo credit: Holly Walburn)


Anonymous said...

Amen! to walking in faith.
Beutiful family.

From an Ethiopian

Sarah said...

Very informative post. Thank you!

Justin & Sarah said...

Love the pic! What a beautiful illustration of your obedience to Him. :)

Alison said...

So excited to see how and where God leads ya'll!!!

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Amy for sharing....we always wonder how things are going and what you guys are up to. Such an adventure, thats for sure... and your obedience to Christ is so awesome...continue walking hand in hand by faith. Beautiful picture, so touching!!
I had to chuckle when you mentioned moving in with Jeff... brings back fun memories of when I moved with Bill before we had kids. I think Jay swallowed a peg light thing and I freaked out. I believe I had you or Kristen call Teresa to see what I should do. :)Memories.... love your family dearly!!!

Heidi C.