Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cold Beaches

Having vacationed several times with my family in Alabama in January, our expectations are for wonderful family time but not necessarily warm weather.  

We did have some nice days and the beach is gorgeous.  

On our last day, we had to go down to the water, but the sunshine can't put the temperatures over 50.  Brr. The weather doesn't dampen The Littles love for getting sand everywhere. ;)
Heading to the beach

Jay did the traditional "Polar Bear Plunge" solo.  

Aah, this is more like it!
Yay for indoor pools!  Although I don't know what The Littles are going to do when they can't "dip" every day!

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Wells L said...

It seems SO WRONG to be on the beach in a winter hat and coat. I'm sorry the weather got cold, but it looked like a beautiful vacation and some lovely days. Happy New Year. Your girls are adorable!!! I've LOVED following your blog.