Friday, January 6, 2012

Forever Mine

As we grocery shopped, Little A looked up from her perch in the grocery cart and smiled, “my mama” she said and reached her little arms out to pull me into her.  She held me tight and her little head rested on my chest. “And you’re my Little A, did you know I get to be your mama forever?” 

Two years ago today the phone rang and I was shocked to hear, “We have baby twin girls who need a mommy and a daddy.” I have never been the same.

January 6 2010, we saw our little girls for the first time.  All three pounds of them.

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Baby girls, we praise God everyday that He entrusted you to us. 

Our lives changed forever on that day and we couldn’t be more thankful.

To read more details of the referral and how we were matched with twins two days after we were on the waitlist, read here: It’s Our Referralversary


Pam said...

nothing better... :)

The Kellenbergers... said...


Val said...

Wow! So sweet, and what a blessing!

Mindy said...

LOVE! It's so wonderful to see how the girls have flourished with your love. Happy Referralversary!

Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFULL story. May the Lord bless ur family!!

Q said...

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord for His goodness! Your story has changed many lives!