Monday, January 9, 2012

Ready, Set Go!

Hehehe.  This is the last thing I should be doing right now.  However, to justify myself, look what just went to Goodwill? Yes, that is a start…a very small dent but I am all about rejoicing in the little accomplishments.  In fact, I just added “blogging” to my list so I can scratch it off when I finish.  

Gerst Christmas 001

Another way I justify blogging, this is also like my family scrapbook and baby book…so you know, I can’t get behind. ;)

We were with our G family this weekend. So much fun!  We had planned a Christmas/sledding weekend but because of the snow not being present, we just Christmassed.  :)

Gerst Christmas 007

Gerst Christmas 042

Guess who got Big Wheels?

Gerst Christmas 079 Gerst Christmas 111

Gerst Christmas 103

Gerst Christmas 113 

Gerst Christmas 082

Gerst Christmas 119

Gerst Christmas 149

Six kids in one house and everyone is glad for MICKEY MOUSE. ;) (Baby Leo not pictured)

Gerst Christmas 157

We are so thankful for our wonderful families!

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