Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Heading In This Direction


Awi name/Amharic name

Injibara Pic_

Serving among the Awi people.


(photo credit:Joshua Project)

To read more about the Awi people group, here is the Joshua Project People Profile.


Anonymous said...

The Amhara people are majority Orthodox Christian(christianity came to ethiopia in the 4th century)and very proud of thier history. I advise you guys to learn the history, culture and tradition before statring your journey.

Jon y Amy said...

Thanks for the encouragement to continue in our research and preparation in this journey. We are currently being blown away at the depth and breadth in the rich History that this beautiful country has. We are also in regular prayer for people groups like the Awi who have yet to hold the scriptures in their native tongue in their hands. Please join us is praying for them!

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