Thursday, August 9, 2012

She’s Still Purring

Thanks to Karinne, The Littles have a new-to-us slide and teeter-totter.  Since sliding is their favorite hobby, this has brought a whole new level of fun to the backyard.

slide 048

Little J loves Toodles. She carries her around, usually with one arm. Whenever it really looks like Toodles needs rescuing, I go to reposition her and am amazed that as Little J totes her around, the kitty purrs, so content to be in Little J’s arms. 

I came out and found Little J climbing up the ladder with Toodles and then sliding down together and worried how Toodles would react.  STILL PURRING. We have a winner of a kitty. ;)

slide 041

Thanks so much for sharing with us Klopfensteins!

slide 052

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Todd ~ Teresa said...

This is super cute. Toodles is a "keeper" for sure. I told my fam about J trying to share Toodles with A yesterday....we all got a chuckle from it. Hopefully A will warm up to the kitty. :)