Thursday, August 23, 2012

Team Tube

We went on a long tubing adventure. Following is the game of musical tubes we played as kids varied in their degree of enjoyment.

Knochel's Day 3 304

Brave Little A started us out…

Knochel's Day 3 312

Followed by Leo and Charlie

Knochel's Day 3 318

Little J decided to try the tube with Little A and Mama

Knochel's Day 3 323

Hudson and Paige joined in the party when Little J was done

Knochel's Day 3 327

Girls on the tube! Little J couldn’t resist all the girls on one tube

Knochel's Day 3 332

Charlie and Meika wrapped up the tubing tour. :)

Feeling blessed to be with family on a wonderful vacation!

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Ashton said...

Just wanted to say that I love that new picture of the girls in the header! So precious! There's just something about sisters...makes me really hope this next baby is another girl for us.:)