Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Pressure’s On!

Remember my checklist of domestic skills I need to learn before I leave for Ethiopia? At the top was learning to pressure can.  Injibara is at an elevation of 8,500 and meats and beans have to be pressure canned/cooked. Without understanding the science behind it, a bean cannot be soaked/boiled long enough to ever be soft through conventional boiling. 

We will also have limited access to produce so when something is available we have the option of pressure canning for later enjoyment.

Growing up with “warm water bath canning”, I was intimidated of pressure canning as I pictured glass exploding all over the kitchen if I missed one detail. 

Yesterday, Mandy graciously invited me over to learn the process of spaghetti sauce and Carrie stopped by to help as well.

 canning 056 canning 057

“I garden, therefore, I can.” –Carrie (via Nichole S).

canning 059

Because we had extra tomatoes we also did some juice (we didn’t strain the seeds out so we had added authenticity ;) ).

Mandy and Carrie, thanks so much for patiently teaching me and the wonderful conversation!


Sandra said...

I just did myself 10 jars of tomato juice as well. Yumm. I can't imagine pressure scares me too. What if glass explodes everywhere?? Glad I get to stick to my simple and easy way of canning. However, I have no doubt you mastered that pressure cooker with ease!!

T and M said...

Canning with you was fun, and I think i got the best end of the deal to have you & Carrie there! Every job is more fun with friends. I think you will do quite well in all your future canning adventures ( : M

Rachel said...

Awww...what a fun group of ladies! Looks like a fun day, and probably one that I could have benefited from, too! I have never canned a thing in my life. Might not be a bad idea for me to learn these skills, too:)

Nichole said...

fun! i kinda miss the days of canning and gardening that i used to have...hopefully some day again - using my quote made me smile :)

Christen Leigh said...

I know I am impressed with your domestic skills already! ;)