Monday, August 20, 2012

Type A About Ice Cream Cones

I don’t consider myself a Type A personality but there are exceptions. One example sure to bring it on is toddlers eating ice cream (clothed toddlers that is, diapered babies can mess all they want).  Every muscle tightens as I resist the urge to unclench their little, sticky fingers from the drippy mess.

Knochel's day 2 188 

Good thing The Littles have a daddio who is more relaxed about pink messes on white dresses.

Knochel's day 2 213 

“Who likes ice cream?”

Knochel's day 2 208

Knochel's day 2 192

Here’s to taking a deep breath and just enjoying the messy moments. Someday I will miss those sticky fingers.


Sarah said...

I am SUPER Type A in this area! Wet wipes always handy wiping between bites. :)

smw said...

such cute pics!!

Mouseymom said...

eek, NEVER considered myself a Type A. but seeing those sticky fingers brings on a panic attack!