Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Water Exploits

When the kiddos weren’t behind the boat, the adults had their diversion.

Knochel's Day 3 037

Jon slalom skiing

Knochel's Day 3 141

Meika launching on a wakeboard

Knochel's Day 3 024

Jake  slalom skiing

Knochel's Day 3 345

Phil wakeboarding

knochels day 4-6 114

Amy surfing Michigan

Knochel's Day 3 231

Justin ready to surf

Knochel's day 2 059

Jon barefooting (basically like skiing, only with no skis)

Knochel's Day 3 367

  Jon wakeboarding


Sandra said...

did steph not get behind the boat?? Id have thought she would:). Great posts. Looks like a good vacation in the sun!

Jon y Amy said...

Yes Sandra, She did! I will have to add a picture! She even barefooted