Monday, May 20, 2013

A Few Steps Closer

Wheaton training highlight: Matt, Kristi and Mercy also attended. We spent our spare minutes hashing out life’s problems.

Wheaton 132

Matt and Kristi are both doctors with SIM also preparing to serve in Ethiopia. Jon is brainstorming how to do some CHE (Community Health Evangelism-Combo of a doctor with an agriculturalist as an outreach strategy) down the road with them. (Let’s make this happen, okay Floreks?)

Back in Indiana on Saturday, we were honored to pick up our team leaders up at the airport. Mark and Debbie are North Ethiopia directors and our team leaders. Their son Jonathan was with them and we had a whirlwind 24 hours of laughter, conversation and fellowship. We downloaded information and they “handed off the baton” as they are just beginning their year on home assignment. All four of their children are now back in the US for schooling.

Machlachlans 001

This is old news for those who get our newsletter, but after spending 1-2 weeks in Addis Ababa, we will go to Injibara to live for the summer before starting our language school in Addis and then on to Bahir Dar. They have so graciously moved out of their home where they raised their kids and readied it for our arrival. Not everyday that someone up and gives you their house.

We sold them our trusty van (probably the spot where we have spent the most time this year!).

photo 3

  Sniff, sniff, bye Odyssey.

Obviously, a day with our team leaders cannot fully prepare us but it helpfully slides our expectations closer to reality.

We are going to need wisdom. So much wisdom. It was wonderful to hear how God is moving among the Awi. Keep praying for His light to penetrate the darkness.

Eating breakfast with some from my family was a wonderful collision of the two worlds we are straddling. Next, Mark and Debbie met our wonderful church family and they felt the love that has tethered us and bonded us so deeply.

Machlachlans 004

With the momentum at having a departure date two weeks out, meeting our team leaders and packing suitcases, waves of joy, then fear, then excitement, then sadness, then peace crash around us. 


Matt and Kristi said...

we were a highlight?! thanks!!! we loved spending time with you and we look forward to seeing each other as often as we can in ET! you know, just a mere 15 hour drive, no big deal... :)
matt wants a copy of your picture of us together--it's better than ours.
love you and praying for you.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing blessing of the Lord that we got to meet Mark and Debbie! We also got to witness the tremendous support Jon & Amy have at their sending church in Leo. God is so gracious towards them and to us! We thank God for all that He is doing among the people of Ethiopia. Meeting these wonderful missionaries and witnessing Jon & Amy's support at Leo church makes it just a little (sniff, sniff) easier to say good-bye to Jon and Amy and our precious Littles!
Mike & Shari

Christen Leigh said...

So cool to be able to meet them....hope your week is going well with lots of crazy packing, etc. I just saw your facebook post about help this weekend--I am sure I will be available on Saturday and would love to help!

Kristen Hoerr said...

Ames, so sad I missed meeting them, but glad it was a great weekend for you!