Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Kitten Name Game

Toodles, our wonder cat, is now Toodles, the wonder mama. Yep, four sweet baby kitties now reside with us.

First things first in the morning. The Littles snuggle a bit until they remember to bound off for the dress up box, ripping off pajamas on the way. “Mama, can we braid my ‘hair’?”

(Sorry for the photos snapped on the phone lately)

A pre-breakfast visit to the kitties.


Same scene, different view.


When asked what to name the kittens, they had some ideas. 


For the females: Fancy Nancy, Princess, Litte Kitty, Truly, Bree, Tianna, Lucylala, Lulu, Lady Paige, Meg


For the males: Excellent, Robin, Ralph, Ralphie, Diego, Sir Wobbleton, Rob, Lot & Bear Lovie


Tianna said...

I just loved being named after the Princess and the Frog :)

Matt and Kristi said...

I like Fancy Nancy!