Friday, May 10, 2013

“I Buried It Like A Kitty!”

This weekend, we were going to small town Indiana for some family QT.  Then, there was the death of a family friend. Our plans changed to Michigan. Then, Jon’s uncle died. So now, we are heading to Iowa. What a reminder that this world is truly not our home.

Iowa makes the 25th state we have traveled to since November. In between trips, we have managed to get rid of a few more things, shove a few more things in suitcases, purchase one way tickets to Ethiopia (June 5th departure)  and visit daddio in the field.

After riding with daddio in the tractor, we picnicked and all was going fine until nature’s call was urgent. She said the potty couldn’t wait.  What’s a mama to do but shrug her shoulders and joy in her kiddos flexibility?

Farming with Daddy 058

And of course, what one Little does, the other does too.

Farming with Daddy 059

Little J came around the tractor triumphantly, proclaiming, “I buried it like a kitty!”

And then we laughed, put our to-do lists aside and breathed deeply while The Littles adventured.

 Farming with Daddy 078

Farming with Daddy 098 Farming with Daddy 100

If you don’t get the ridiculous scarves, check this out.

Farming with Daddy 118

Farming with Daddy 142

Farming with Daddy 129

Farming with Daddy 197

Now we know The Littles think squatting and burying poop is fun.

We’re good. Moving forward. On the road again but oh. so. blessed.


Matt and Kristi said...

If we weren't about to see you for a week I would ask where in Iowa and come see you! But instead, we can say "See you in a few days!"

Kristen Hoerr said...

That skill may come in handy in Ethiopia!

T and M said...

Those scarves are too funny! And since I'm potty-training little miss i right now, the twins' skills sound pretty good! glad you were able to seize the moment : )

smw said...

that is so cute and funny. :) what a creative child.

Sheila said...

Love! I look at your daughters and love the joy that seems always present. Thank you for sharing your life with us.