Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Daddy Mama

On Mother’s Day, for some unknown reason, The Littles started addressing Jon as “Mama”.  Annoying? Yes. However, I will take it because it spawned a great idea for which my husband deserves a medal.

Packing up is something I have thought through, planning out suitcases and totes in my mind, it is hard to delegate it, even to Jon. So, his brainchild was that he would be the “daddy mama” for the week. As in, he is 100% in the child care role and is even cooking meals and cleaning up so I am freed up to pack, sort and purge with few interruptions.

daddy mama 116

Bless him.

We are hitting it hard this week, with hopes to be living out of suitcases by the weekend so we can focus on last minute details and fun in the following week. A few friends are going to help clean our spaces in grandma’s house on Friday and Saturday.

Kids usually regress through transition.


Don’t worry, Little A didn’t really go back to a pacifier, she was just playing “baby”.

Overall, The Littles seem to be powered by your prayers and doing wonderfully.

The purging is freeing, sometimes fun and sometimes not.


Jon and I both tried to get all our clothes in one tote. I had sent some things in another tote and this doesn’t include my socks and underwear. This was uber-hard. Hard to limit but also hard realizing that all of my clothing “sacrifices” still meant I am probably going to be way over-dressed with just straight up too many options to be culturally relevant.

We laughed about how much easier this would be after we have lived there for a bit. We will look back and roll our eyes at ourselves and our over-exaggeration at the difficulty of getting rid of stuff. 

Jon and I feel your prayers too. Normally under stress, we don’t show grace to each other (especially when packing!) and are easily offended but we are, dare-I-say-it, having fun!

My plan to this point is clean out the rooms and drag it into the basement, my packing headquarters.

I can’t believe I am showing you this but here is what I am facing.


Projects like this always get worse before they get better.

At least that is what I tell myself. :)

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T and M said...

Glad to hear how you guys are feeling the prayers in this last stretch of saying goodbye! we will miss you...