Thursday, May 2, 2013

Testing the Waters

“Please can we swim, Mama, please?” 

I dragged out the kiddie pool and warned The Littles it would be ice-cold. Undeterred, they put on their suits.

They started out slowly and carefully, testing the waters.

pool time! 032

As the slide got wet and faster, Little A reconsidered.

pool time! 036

Hmm.  That was a little too fast. I almost got wet.

Then the differences in personality strongly emerged. Little J, clambered up with her toys, told them “don’t be scared” and then shoved them down the slide, hurtling herself down after them.

pool time! 047 

Little A talked sweetly to her toys, climbed up the ladder, sent them down the slide and then climbed down herself.


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I love this contrast.

In our life, Jon is like the Little J in this picture, full throttle ahead and I am like Little A, not too sure if I want to get wet, definitely don’t want to be cold. That’s okay. Hopefully we strike some sort of balance. :)

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leah said...

such a sweet post. :)