Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tale As Old As Time…

I am in a chaotic stage of parenting right now. It seems we are in a new stage that is not responding to my normal “go-to” disciplines. Out in public, I have recently been told multiple times, “Wow, you’ve got your hands full”.  Translation: “Wow, your kids are totally out of control”.

So we will take the good with the bad, rejoicing in the blessed moments that are inexplicably sweet.

Setting the scene: We walked down the path, through the woods to watch the tractors in the field. The Little’s obsession with long hair has continued and they commonly ask me to “braid” their “hair”.  You need to know that the whole time this was happening, they were singing “Beauty and the Beast”.

Dandelions 087

They forgot to watch the tractors as excitement over the field of “flowers” overcame them.

Dandelions 063

Dandelions 075

“Tale as old as time…

Dandelions 076

Both a little scared, neither one prepared…

Dandelions 081

Beauty and the Beast.”

Yes, this is a moment we can do again. :)


Sarah said...

excellent post...love this.

smw said...

i'm glad for these sweet moments that you are getting. :)

Erica Gutwein said...

SO cute!