Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Nation's Pastime

It's electric. I wish you could be here when the Ethiopian soccer team plays.

We were visiting a home for coffee and caught a bit of the game on their tv. You don't need to watch though. When a goal is scored for either team (they were playing Somalia) you can tell. If Ethiopia scores, there is a loud roar of joy from every house and from every corner of the community. If the opposing team scores, the sound is less loud but decidedly grumpy. 

IMG 3247

The Littles did less chatting and watching and more stuffing their faces. They are both using their right hands! Victory is ours!

IMG 3269

This little guy does not think I look like a lion, he loves me! I rate second to Jon in his book though. :)

IMG 3301

The Littles hung outside with the neighborhood kids, "helping" do wash. 


IMG 3340

Walking home with clean feet.

IMG 5035

There were some workers making tables and chairs for the next door school and Jon finished the game with them as they worked slowly and strained to hear their radio transmitter. 

We won!



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