Monday, September 2, 2013

A Sunday In...

Yesterday, there were some demonstrations happening in the city, some of the roads were blocked nearby and we were advised to go out with caution, if at all. We did church in, with our family. All summer, it was hard to get into a groove for our house church and yesterday went well, maybe a summer of practicing and trying different things helped. :)

We had our neighbors in for dinner and our neighbors, well, they are amazing, gifts from God to bless us I believe. 

Dinner was shared over candlelight (no power, no problem) and we spent some time in worship together before a late evening of popcorn and good conversation. 

IMG 5023

IMG 5027

Today the girls had a new nanny. My stomach was in knots about it this weekend, but it seemed to go well, we left with them being unphased but they did burst into tears upon our arrival. Working out these kinks is kind of painful. Definitely my least favorite part of our current situation but we have seen God repeatedly provide.


Mindy said...

Praying for you Amy and for the girls hearts.

teresa said...

Praying for the new nanny and your girls.