Monday, September 30, 2013


Bizoo is kind of an awesome word, huh?  Some Amharic words express something so perfectly I am mixing them with English. Bizoo loosely means "a lot".

So, I have a bizoo things to post on now that our internet is back. You will have to wait for it though, piece by piece because my family needs to eat tonight and I have BSF. :)

IMG 5319

 We had the privilege of visiting S*. She is the daughter of some dear friends in our home area and their adoption process has hit some unexpected delays. It was such a delight to visit her although the whole time, our hearts ached for S and her Daddy and Mama in this difficult limbo time of waiting. 

We continue to learn Fidel (Amharic alphabet) in language school. It's surprisingly fun and super challenging. It feels like I am back in kindergarten, learning new sounds and symbols. Counting diphthongs, there are 264 characters. 


We have new teachers as of today but Jon and I are still split up. I think it would be fun to be in the same class. Jon feels like he can't say it, but is glad we are in separate classes. ;)

IMG 3874

Here's The Littles with our neighbor girls, all being flexible and sitting on a broken carousel horse. 

Happy Monday!

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Christen Leigh said...

Fun post! :) We tried to call you guys on facetime the other morning on the way to church, but it didn't go through. :( Missing you and hope to catch up soon!