Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Here is a bit of a phone dump, some have been seen on Instagram (follow at jonyamy) some on Facebook and a few others are new to the social media world...

Image 5

1) A mattress laden truck 

Image 13

2) One strawberry juice and two straws

Image 7

3) Care package arrived! Christmas in September!

Image 4

4) One well used merry-go-round

Image 9

5) Love the weekends, no language school and lots of time to snuggle

Image 8

6) Bright weekends markets

Image 12

7) The worst kind of taxi rides…where the passenger has to get out and push...

Image 6

8) Little J meets Tweety. Oh, the random places we drag our children. 

Image 15

9) Smores, expat style. Care package marshmallows, homemade graham crackers, nutella and random roasting utensils...

Image 10

10) And great neighbors with fireplaces.



Image 2

11) Enjoying a fun day at a "Hope For the Fatherless" event.

Image 11

12) The Littles were concerned that Daddio didn't have an umbrella and offered to share.

Image 14

13) Eating dinner by headlamp and candlelight. 


Happy Monday!


Shari Fiechter said...

Oh how we love your pictures! They feel like a lifeline. :-) We love you!

MJgerst said...

Wow! Those are awesome Pics.. thanks for sharing!!! You could be published in Nat. Geo. Or something like that... ;-). Blessings! -Jake

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Such a colorful load (large load) of mattresses. So many fun pictures that give us an overview of your life. Thanks!

T and M said...

these were great pics...the girls are getting so big!

i loved the 1st pic especially, I'm feeling art-starved lately & all the patterns & colors were so fun. Makes me want to paint : )

Tait is very intrigued by the headlamps.

Christen Leigh said...

Fun pictures!! :)