Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Life On These Streets

Walking back from the grocery store today, I reflected on the smells, sights and sounds that we've synced with here.

I took a few pictures , noting a few surprising scenes that are usual now. However, I could not capture the rhythm of life (at least not with a camera phone and inconspicuously), the beauty in the daily grind, the shared smiles, the laughter, the chatter of street vendors and the joy at knowing your little part of the world, finding our place in a community here. 

Captured from a  distance, here are sights on that short walk.

IMG 0165

I am not sure why this structure was originally built, but now several families have moved in, literally living their life on the streets but as you pass and they are cooking meals, it strangely has a homey feel. I don't know how long they will stay before someone moves them. Not in the pictures to the right is a tarped structure, probably 3 feet high where people sleep.

IMG 0168

As you round the corner, the banana and orange vendors negotiate behind bright wheelbarrows.

IMG 0170

And then, subconsciously, I hold my breath and walk quickly past the dumpsters, usually there are a few people rifling through them, sometimes it looks like they are paid workers to haul it away, other times, hungry bellies drive individuals, young and old to rifle through at hopes of food of something of value.

IMG 0172

And with our corner in view, you can see the back of this elderly man, with his home. He sleeps on the raised platforms under tarps. During the days, he neatly arranges the tarp, just like he is making a bed of sheets and a comforter. The blue bowl sits on top of the bed as he prepared his food in a bucket under the umbrella, waiting for the afternoon rain that comes. 

IMG 0173

Rounding the corner, it's our street!  We live down a ways on the right side.

As I write these words with the rain pouring down on our tin roof, creating a cozy feel, sights that I passed by and photographed only an hour ago sicken me now. How have I passed by so many times and never learned their names?  




Mindy said...

Love seeing a peak into your world. Those sights look like so many of the pictures we have from our brief time in Addis. I still don't have words for what those pictures hold...

Sandra said...

ahhh, you made me think on this one!!! Our streets may not look anything like those pictures, but how many times have I passed by someone when out and about that I could have stopped to talk to or even asked their name?? So easy to get caught up in our own little world without even giving a thought to those who are in need. Thanks for this!!!

L, Ann and boys said...

soon soon you will be able to speak their language better and I have a feeling you will be spontaneously pouring Jesus's love over people with your words. :)

Thank you for the pictures


Christen Leigh said...

I love the snapshots of your area and what you see on a typical day. And I echo Andria's comment. :)

Anonymous said...

God bless you for taking time to give us a sneak peak of your walk home from the market. How interesting it is for us to see it all in pictures on this blog, but so amazing you visualize it all with your very own eyes. We are grateful you take time to share, it speaks volumes to our heart. Hey, feel free to try typing out the names of those you learn along the way as you continue your walks.
So often you and your family are thought of and prayed for...

Thanks again for the pictures!!
Heidi c.