Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Unsurpassable Worth

Today is New Year's Day in Ethiopia!  We begin 2006 this morning. Today we celebrate with expatriates. Tomorrow with Ethiopians. Because it is a fasting day for Orthodox, they will celebrate tomorrow. Jon and I have no class today but will have it tomorrow as apparently, our school doesn't follow the Orthodox schedule. :)


While blogging last week, I was hit with about two tons of conviction from the Spirit. Gulp. Literally, as I typed the post about the people I pass on a regular basis, I was surprised to look at it from a reporter's viewpoint and chastised to realize I was walking by people with no regard for them, human beings, in need and I made certain to walk a large circumference around them, eyes straight forward.

The Littles love the story of The Good Samaritan and ask to hear it. I am telling a story, teaching lessons, that I do not live. 

As I reflected on it over the next several days, I realized a few things.

1) I was acting like I didn't see these people. Now to analyze the "why"…

2) It seems like if I see them, connect with them, they are going to want something from me.

3) All of the needs overwhelm me and I can't help everyone, discerning who to help is exhausting. 

4) To cope with not being able to help everyone, I blocked them out, didn't dwell on thoughts of it, ignored people as I walked by.

5) That's not the way my Lord Jesus loves or calls me to love. He has created them, each individual with unsurpassable worth.

After some prayer, tears and talking with Jon, we have intentionally decided to get involved with several people who live close to us. We aren't talking about throwing money to them as we pass by but a "get-on-your-level, what-is-your-name, can-I-sit-with-you" relationship. Though we feel limited by language and cultural ineptness, it is not an excuse to turn our heads and walk on by.

I still can't catch his name but he was a soldier. He has a family but is mentally unstable and now lives here, under his tarps and umbrella.

IMG 3454

This could get messy because relationships are rarely as convenient as a money drop. We don't have the answers on how to navigate these tricky waters of poverty and so we continue to pray for wisdom and grace. Praying God is the only thing seen in us.




Mindy said...

oh Amy, this is beautiful...loving like Jesus loved.

Sarah said...

dirty ministries - they're tough. LOVE this post

Matt and Kristi said...

We are so grateful to be living with you guys. Your convictions convict us and push us to step out of our comfort zones to live and love like Jesus did. We do see God in you and are humbled to call you friends.

Shari Fiechter said...

My heart is so touched by your post today. May God give you everything you need as you trust HIM to help you reach out to these people who He loves and cares about so very much!

Unknown said...

Amy, you are such an inspiration and i am very glad to meer someone who knows how worthy he/she is for the Lost,forgotten or Hopeless. God Bless you and the Beautiful Family, Keep up the good work..These people need 'time' that is all they seek from us..a Time to talk, to love them, to encourage them..I remember a little girl whom i told she is Beautiful and she almost cried Because it was her first time to hear it. Remain Blessed, We have a lot to talk and work for his glory
♥ -Martha T.

Todd ~ Teresa said...

Just catching up on your blog. This is beautiful. Love and Prayers continue.

Marilou Dody said...

Amy, This is Marilou Dody from MTI. Just wanted to know your email address so I could give it to the grandmother of another Ethiopian "Little" whose mother doesn't know how to manage her hair. The SIM address Jack had no longer works. Love your blog. Will continue to follow. My address is
Blessings to you.