Thursday, September 19, 2013

Overcoming Fear

Turtle fear to be more specific. After extensive discussion with The Littles on how UNscary turtles truly are complete with object lessons on their unfathomably slow pace, I still couldn't convince them to go near them.

All it took was a bit of positive peer pressure...

IMG 3434

And they are ready for rodeo.

IMG 3437

Fun giant turtle fact,

IMG 3444

They are amazingly strong and move even with a child on their back.

Whew. Glad the yard is safe again. 



Mindy said...

WOW - so fun that you have those turtles in your yard! Who needs a dog?! :)

Todd ~ Teresa said...

This is cute. Good job Charlette!

Klint & Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

NEVER A DULL MOMENT!! Love each and every post!! AND love you guys all so dearly!!

Heidi C.