Monday, April 4, 2016

A Load

We cannot move forward without first taking a moment for this…

IMG 8177

Thank you dear friends for praying for this rat to be caught and sharing in my horror. I am sleeping much deeper again.  Take a second look at that fat, little guy.  Part of his tail was missing, I wondered if he had been caught in another trap before?  He was a domesticated rat, not scared of people. Yuck.


Our roads and trails are full of strong men, women and children, although mostly women carry the loads for astounding distances. 

IMG 3767

Heavy loads on young children is a factor in short adult height because of the continual spinal compression.

IMG 3637

Loads on market day. These women are hiking up the Blue Nile Gorge on the main road. 

IMG 3563

Jerry cans weigh at least 40 lbs and a young girl takes a break before climbing up a steep bank.

IMG 3736

Small children also are involved in the hauling, especially now when the rainy season is long past and dry season is drying even the deepest wells. (In the drought affected areas, water has been dried up for months).


Hauling firewood

IMG 3622

These women climbing up a mountain.

IMG 3813

Ready for sale, made by men and refreshingly, hauled by men.

SAM0150 copy

Market days load, this was 8 kilometers outside of town and this family group hadn’t arrived even at the base of the trail that leads to their house.

It makes my Monday look not very heavy. 


Rachel said...

It's so humbling! They work. so. hard.

T and M said...

Wow, that is a huge rat! So many great pictures, Amy, it's a much needed window for us outside of our little sphere into another world.