Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Master Tree Growers, Above and Beyond

After the  training called Master Tree Growers put on by Beyond Subsistence (An Australian based Non-For-Profit) at the 5 F’s project, the group of Master Tree Growers has emerged. The personal ownership in the group is a beautiful sign of the empowerment the training gave. It is a group run by the Awi farmers, for the Awi farmers.  

Because Jon went to the training, he is part of this unit and he goes to the meetings when he can. The group was meeting once a month and decided to volunteer in one of the worst wash-outs in our area, a prime example of the dangers of overgrazing and not managing land well, which leads to massive erosion. 


(All Photo Credit to Sam F.)

The group now meets twice a month, working madly on restoring the land before rainy season when the torrents further destroy.


Jon was so blessed by the camaraderie he witnessed.


4 women also took part in the training and continue to be active members.


This young man who lives at the foot of the mountain helped just because.



We are amazed by the selflessness and investment in caring for the earth this group is showing. 

The trainers came from Australia, Uganda and north Ethiopia.  When trainings create change for only a week or only one family, it’s good, but a motivated group working for the same goal, well, they can change the world. 


Kristen Hoerr said...

Thanks for sharing this! So cool that they are motivated to work together on this project. Must have been a great training.

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Teresa said...

Getting caught up on your blog today. The negative of this is that when I scroll down to read it all I see that awful rat! YUCK! Ok...The positive is that I'm getting caught up and hearing so many things to think about and be aware of. So wonderful that your people are coming together to get things done. So good to see progress. Thanks again for continuing to share your heart.