Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thank you, dear friends, for your compassion, empathy and most importantly, prayers on behalf of the woman and children mentioned in the previous posts as well as the other victims of the famine. 

Because it is a small and connected world, I was reminded by a friend from Indiana of a center in Bahir Dar that may help a woman like this.  We checked into it and she fit the description of someone the Grace Center could help though their budget is tight.  After that, we drove around near dusk and looked for her.  Nightfell and I slowly walked sections of streets where many poor gathered, looking for this woman.  We didn’t find her and A was beside herself.  J reminded me “Mama, God knows where she is. Maybe we can’t find her because someone else will.”  

Thank you for those who inquired how to give.  SIM does have a famine relief fund set up and the funds go forward with the Gospel. Project Number 83300

We are back in Injibara now, the girls trying to catch up on all their play they have missed with their dolls and me, trying to catch up on school we skipped. ;)  

Please also join us in prayer regarding our Project Renewal.  It has hit some significant hiccups at the federal level. We don’t feel like it is time for us to move on. Pray God works all together for His Good. 


Shari Fiechter said...

I love looking at life through the life of child. Please thank Adia for her compassion for the situation and to Jada for such a faith based perspective. Have mercy on that precious woman and her children dear God and so many like her! God knows where she is and He cares about her deeply. Thanks for sharing this with us Amy. We continue to pray for the project renewal. We love you all so much!

Kristi Reinhard said...

Your girlies. Gracious they bless me.
And thanks for the reminder to pray for Project Renewal!
Love you all!