Tuesday, April 12, 2016


A few pictures to share a bit more about life, most taken recently, all but the first as we are in our last month of dry season and there is not much green. 

IMG 3722

This is a follow-up to the post on loads.  Many people are hiking long distances for this kind of water. 
IMG 8215

A lamb, about 5 minutes old, learning how to nurse.

IMG 8217

Picnicking on Mark and Debbie’s front porch.

IMG 0510

A few shots from Western Easter, the girls have no memory of Easter in the US, so we hid 11 eggs (all we had) and the girls basically thought we were the best.

IMG 8125

Making “Easter Crowns” and dying eggs.

IMG 0366

I love this picture.  A couple, she, trying to smile but nervous, he, looking anywhere but the camera.

IMG 3644

Intricate bamboo scaffolding. Would you climb up this?

IMG 8221

Lately the girls have been putting feathers in their hair in attempt to be American Indians. :)

IMG 8098

Cracking up, waiting on a plane…

Hope you are well!

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bri said...

Wow, that scaffolding is amazing!! Looks like it would take forever to build all that!