Friday, April 29, 2016

It's Finally Easter!

One of the benefits of Ethiopia marching-to-the-beat-of-it’s-own calendar drum is that we get a second round of some big holidays.

Thanks for those who have been praying this Easter week, God is opening doors for many seeds to be planted.  Join us in prayer He gives the increase!

IMG 0970

Last night we had a second showing of the Jesus Film with probably about 50 neighbors. We hope to show it again on Saturday night. We are in our dry, dry season but yesterday, the sky threatened all day long.  The rain didn’t start until 30 minutes after the movie had ended!  We haven’t had great power but had a back-up generator. 

Tonight the kids will come around and sing songs, in exchange for bread, or at our house, because I never get to give anything to the kids here as we discourage a dependent, hand-out mentality, I plan to give out candy, glow sticks and bread.  It’s the one time a year I can give for absolutely no reason. 

IMG 0609

And because we can never celebrate this too many times, “He is risen!”