Monday, April 25, 2016

Quick Plug: A Few Of Our Favorite Things

I am getting ready to do a homeschool order and ADORE Usborne books for every subject, fun and supplement, the girls love their resources. It's also amazing for travel and long waits. I am inviting you, please feel no obligation, I decided to make it into more than me ordering in the hope that if you were thinking of placing an order, it could benefit me. Heehee...

I am going to highlight a few unsung heroes of the best “non-screen” ideas for kids during travel or times of waiting (think restaurants, in the car/plane, church bags), a few of our favorites that have entertained so many kids in so many places. (Don’t even get my started on their beautiful illustrated story collections for kids! Think Shakespeare, Dickens, Greek Mythology, Arabian Nights, Fairy Tales, Farmyard Tales, Stories from Around The World, Aesops, etc)

These cards are reusable with dry erase markers, there are three different sets, Animal Doodles are the favorites for kids of all ages, every mom should have a set in her purse or diaper bag! Also check out Travel Doodles.

0001086 animal doodles 300

The girls also love the sticker books, I am going to feature a few more aimed at girls, but there are many more designed for boys. They are also others more advanced, teaching on world cultures, books on designing your own castles, building planes, trains, cars, doll house sticker books, dress design, home design, mosaic flowers, something for every kid at every age. The Teddy Bear line is great for boys or girls toddler and up. These are great on road trips as well. So many options, they are very informative and helpful for hands-on kids.

I really loved this one, “Sticker Dolly Dressing Around the World” as it explains step-by-step about many cultures traditional clothes.

0001190 300

The girls got this as a gift and are it’s probably their favorite as they can also practice their design skills. They put on the stickers and then design parts of the outfits. Click Here:

0005367 300

 I could go on and on here, one more fun book I am excited to try, “A Year In My Life”. A book with 365 quirky drawing and writing prompts we will use to start our school days and have as a sweet keepsake. 

0013011 a year in my life 300

Jump online and peruse 100’s of fun, educational, engaging products for children of all ages. Usborne Books & More offers educational books such as phonics readers, reference books, and hands-on learning as well as activity puzzles, games, sticker books, math activities, and so much more. Come baby gift, birthday, summer travel, and kid shop for all ages, interests & budgets! Katie Miller is coordinating and is only an email away! She would love to answer questions, too!

Orders should be in by May 17th. Thanks!

To begin shopping, head on over to:

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