Monday, April 25, 2016


Alongside the 5 F’s team, Jon has been able to partner with several community members and start them in business. Jon serves in an advisory capacity and loves every minute he can work alongside these promising young men.

Our sellers took a business training the 5 F’s offered and have continued to meet and are now selling solar lights.  The lights can also charge a basic cell phone.

In Awi country, 6% of people have access to electricity, so with one light, a family’s house can be “wired” with sustainable, renewable power.  It changes the family’s ability to read, study or work into the evening.

IMG 0528

All four sellers are learning and teaching the many analogies light can be used for…

IMG 0546

After selling, they train the farmers as to how to properly use and care for the solar lights.

IMG 0569

So many opportunities are opened up through this business.

IMG 0576

I realize this is lacking many key details, but we are encouraged by open doors. Please keep praying. :) Look for our next newsletter for further explanation. 

And praise God, our project is approved!  Thanks for all who prayed!

This is Easter week, please pray with us for a true celebration of the holiday and many chances to celebrate with our neighbors.



Shari Fiechter said...

Exciting things happening over there in your little corner of Ethiopia. Since we know that darkness is the absence of light, introducing light (of any kind) to the Awi seems monumental!

Denise Klop said...

So excited about this opportunity!!! We are praying for this and especially praying this week for Easter celebrations and opportunities. May the true light illuminate the dark.

sarah.flyingkites said...